What Is the GetPaidTo App Like? Can You Get Enough Gigs?

SelfGood Team

You want to find a way to make money from home, but you don’t want to get scammed.

We get it. It’s the goal of every gig worker around the world. So when something like GetPaidTo app hits your inbox or media feed, it’s understandable that you’re skeptical. Does it work? Is it a scam?

If these questions run through your mind whenever you see something that seems too good to be true, that’s great! It means you’re smart and will not fall for cyber scams. However, you also don’t want to miss out on a legitimate opportunity.

So, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and are sharing everything we learned about the GetPaidTo app.

1. What Is the GetPaidTo App?

Screenshot from GetPaidTo website

The GetPaidTo (GPT) app lets you take surveys, watch videos, and complete tasks to earn cash and rewards.

What makes it stand out from competitors is that it’s a comprehensive app. Instead of logging into multiple accounts to perform different tasks, you do it all at GetPaidTo.com.

Why would a company pay you to complete surveys, play games, or watch videos?

Well, advertisers use it to collect consumer feedback and interaction data.

GPT hosts earning opportunities on its side for its members to access.

Then, the members receive the reward, and the advertiser gets the data it needs. So it’s a win/win for everyone, with a focus on the user benefits.

Benefits of Using GetPaidTo

You know how you set up an account on those “free” platforms, then quickly see that it’s not so “free”?

You wasted your time and energy downloading and creating a login, only to uninstall the app within minutes. With GetPaidTo, that’s not an issue. Many benefits make playing around and getting familiar with the program worthwhile.

Here are some of the features users can enjoy:

  • The easy site and app navigation
  • Friendly customer support and online FAQs
  • Reasonable points-to-cash transitioning
  • iPhone iOS and Android compatibility
  • Multiple cash-out options, including Amazon gift cards and cryptocurrency
  • Free membership without any transaction fees (aside from those charged by third-party online payment services like PayPal)

You can earn your rewards in cash or transfer them to gift cards to avoid third-party processing fees. No matter your choice, the online tasks are simple, and the extra money are free and clear.

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2. Breaking Down the Gigs on the GetPaidTo app

What’s your go-to preference for mindless scrolling on your phone?

Chances are, there’s a GetPaidTo task for that. So you can make money online.

The app breaks down each potential job into four categories:

  1. Surveys
  2. Games
  3. Quick points
  4. Offer walls

The rewards you can earn depend on the intensity of the task, but none of it is rocket science.

How to Get Paid for Your Opinion on the GetPaidTo app

Ready to see how you can start banking off this site?

Here’s a breakdown of the categories with an explanation of what the tasks in each section include.


Do you enjoy sharing your opinion with others?

If so, surveys are right up your alley. Advertisers create surveys with questions that narrow down the users by demographic. Then, if you land in their target market, they’ll ask for your opinion on whatever they’re trying to determine.

Some surveys take five minutes; others take closer to half an hour. In addition, you’ll have questions about your shopping and spending habits, how often you travel, and other opinion-focused queries.

As your finished surveys add up, so do your earnings.


You’re already playing games like Candy Crush and on level umpteen thousand. It might be time to switch and start earning rewards for your loyalty.

Playing a game for at least 30 seconds rewards you with ads you can watch for points. The more ads you see, the higher your payout.

Games include popular titles like MahJong, CandyConnect, and Solitaire. Let your addiction pay for itself when you’re bored. Turn to the games on GPT, and watch the earnings stack up.

Quick Points

When you only have a minute or so free, log into your account and click “Quick Tasks.”

Within a few seconds, you can watch music videos and movie trailers, fill in captchas, and access many other fast opportunities. The earnings aren’t substantial, but they add up “quickly.”

Offer Walls

As the name implies, this section is full of offers from retailers. Sign up for emails from the advertisers, and you’ll get lots of requests to do surveys or buy items.

The more offers you complete, the higher the rewards you claim. And, of course, if you were going to buy something anyway, why not get it through a sponsor and earn cashback?

Each task in these four categories will be assigned a reward amount. Simple tasks have low rewards, while more complex and time-consuming tasks have higher tips.

You can choose whether the reward is worth the time it will take or move on to something with a higher payout.

3. The Points-to-Cash System


You can easily track your cash earned as you accumulate points. In five thousand examples,  points are equal to $1 at cash-out.

Using the Points-to-Cash System in Real Life

So, using that formula, say you want to make your $30 credit card payment this month from the GPT app.

At $1 per 5,000 points, the formula is $30 x 5,000. Don’t forget to add the third-party cashout fee (we’ll call it 10%, or $3 in this case).

Here’s the math:

$30 x 5,000 = 150,000 points for the credit card bill

$3 x 5,000 = 15,000 points for the transaction fee

150,000 + 15,000 = 165,000 points in total

So, you must shoot for 165,000 points before your payment is due. Now that you know your goal, you can make a plan of action to get it done.

Distributing the Rewards

Cash is significant, but that’s not the only way to distribute your rewards. If you want extra spending, other methods exist to cash out your points without dealing with transaction fees.

Cash Conversions

You only have to link your bank account when you need extra cash and don’t mind paying a third-party fee. This is done by choosing two legitimate, secure platforms: Skrill or Wise (formerly TransferWise).

The points are converted to cryptocurrencies, then sent to your wallet. You click on the option to cash out the funds in your wallet, and they’re sent to the receiver of your choice. It could be a bank transfer, direct to your checking account, or sent to your PayPal account.

Gift Card Exchanges

Instead of cashing in your points for money, you can eliminate any third-party fees by using gift cards. Each card is a dollar-for-dollar exchange. So, if you have $10 in accumulated points, you can get a $10 gift card from your favorite retail providers.

E-gift cards are delivered to your email; you can print them or use them from your phone. You can also send gift cards as a present.

Reward Examples

An average half-hour spent on GetPaidTo could look something like this:

  1. Complete a five-minute survey: 1,330 points
  2. Take fifteen minutes to reach level 81 on your favorite game, watch multiple ads: 77,500 points
  3. Enter a contest to win a Visa gift card; fill out the form in two minutes: 1,425 points
  4. Sign up for a free online streaming account, watch a three-minute video: 6,250 points

In slightly less than 30 minutes, you’ve earned a little over 86,500 points.

At $1 per 5,000 points, you just banked $17 in half an hour.

Nice work!

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4. Can You Get Enough Gigs to Earn Money?

The GetPaidTo app is marketed as a side hustle.

This means you can use it to earn gas money, but it won’t put a roof over your head.

Still, it’s a legit way to earn some money.

As with every app, the more time you put into it, the bigger your payout will be. However, you can make a few other tweaks with GetPaidTo to increase your earning potential.

How to Make the Most of Your GetPaidTo Membership

The more you use the app and get familiar with what you can qualify for, the better your experience will be.

Focus on complex surveys to make the most of your membership.

Sure, they take longer, but they’re worth more points.

Also, log into the site any time you plan to buy something. Check to make sure there’s not a reward for it already in place. If there is, buy it from that link to get cashback.

Time-Saving Shortcuts

Here’s a way to save time and ensure that advertisers see you as reliable:

  • First, keep a copy of your answers when you fill out your initial profile. This way, you’re consistently falling into the same target market category.

If you try to shift your answers to meet the advertiser’s requirements, you could be invalidated for a particular survey. It’s a disappointing waste of time and a loss of potential money.

There’s an extension you can install, too. The GetPaidTo alert extension sits in the background on your browser. When an earning opportunity matches your profile, it will notify you. So you can jump on it before it expires.

5. Other Easy Money for Gig Workers

Gig work is a way of life for millions of people. In addition to the GetPaidTo site, you can also make some easy money with these apps:


Honey is a browser extension running in the background while shopping online.

If a coupon or discount code is available anywhere online for the items in your cart, Honey will notify you before you cash out.


Ibotta is a coupon-based way to get free money on your groceries.

Scan the Ibotta deals, plan your shopping list, and photograph your receipt when you’re done shopping. Whatever items match, you get cash back for buying them.


GetUpside is an app that pays you for buying gas. In today’s world of skyrocketing gas prices, this is a must-have.

When you need gas, log into your account to see the deals in your area. Claim an offer, check in when you pull up to the station, and get your gas. Your savings will accumulate in your GetUpside account until you cash it out.

If you’ll spend the money anyway, why not get some of it back? These apps are legit TrustPilot-approved ways to save cash for a rainy day or emergency.

6. Other Legitimate Ways to Save Money as a Gig Worker

Woman with laptop sitting in chair in living room with cat on lap

Working in the gig economy has endless advantages, like working from anywhere.

There are some disadvantages, though.

How are you handling your health insurance needs?

Who is giving you legal and financial advice?

Luckily, you’re not stuck without these essential pieces of adulthood. There are lots of programs out there designed to help.

Track Your Expenses and Save Your Receipts

One of gig worker life’s most painful “oops” moments comes at tax time. If you aren’t prepared, you could face thousands of dollars in outstanding taxes.

You can avoid this by downloading an accounting app and using it to track your expenses.

Save all your business receipts, even if you don’t think they’re essential. Keeping everything organized can be a chore, but a good accounting app lets you house them digitally.

This list of accounting apps for independent contractors will help you narrow down the one designed for your business.

Pay Your Estimated Taxes

Another brilliant idea is to pay your estimated taxes quarterly. Again, TurboTax has a program that makes it simple to calculate what you owe.

Yes, it will hurt at the moment. However, breaking what you’ll eventually owe into smaller chunks is much easier.

And remember, if you were working full-time for an employer, you’d be paying these taxes anyway; they would just be coming out of your check before you saw them.

Save on Health and Legal Costs With a Supplemental Benefits Program

Selfgood is a supplemental benefits membership program partnered with The Alliance of Gig Workers. Together, they have the expertise and buying power of large companies.

Therefore, their members benefit from the volume discounts that employers receive.

Healthcare Help

With Selfgood, you can access all features, like free virtual physical and mental healthcare and discounted dental, vision, and hearing care.

All these advantages and more are included in your Alliance of Gig Workers membership.

Finance and Legal Aid

You will find savings on otherwise pricey services from federal student loan aid to discounted-rate legal assistance.

Everyday Discounts

Our members also enjoy access to discounts on everyday products and services from significant names like OfficeMax and UPS. These companies (and many others) have partnered with Selfgood to provide substantial savings for gig workers.

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As someone looking to make easy money, you know how many scams there are. You don’t want to miss out on legitimate deals just because a mountain of spam surrounds you.

The programs in this article are real deals. Head to GetPaidTo.com and sign up to start earning some side money. Then, join Selfgood and take advantage of our membership benefits.

Soon, you can turn your at-home work into a full-time money-making gig.