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StuLo® - Student Loan Debt Relief and Financial Wellness Program

Our service provides:

  • Student Loan Marketplace

  • FREE consultation and student loan analysis

  • Lower monthly payments by an average of $343/mo

  • Qualify for potential student loan forgiveness

  • Marketplace access to 275+ bank and credit union leaders

Epoq - LawAssure

LawAssure immediately offers members hundreds (potentially thousands) of dollars of legal assistance. Our technology and services are so good that many lawyers in the U.S.A. and around the world use them for their clients. LawAssure is a game changer. It cuts out the middleman and gives the same services directly to your members. The same will a member gets from our service might well be sold by a lawyer for $500-$1000.

Service typical attorney cost

Will $500 -$1000 Durable power of attorney $200 -$300 Living trust $1200 -$5000 Property rental agreement $500-$1000

Financial coaching

  • Unlimited Call with a Certified Financial Counselor

  • Assistance with a wide range of financial issues and questions

  • Online Library and Toolbox

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