9 Items to Have On Your Power Washing Business Cards

SelfGood Team

Operating a power washing business will require you to do a bit of marketing. You need power washing business cards. One of the great things about a service-based business like this is that people have a definite need for it.  At some point, every house will need to be power-washed. Every deck will need it, as will every paved driveway, etc.

So your goal as the power-washer business owner and operator is to be the person who comes to mind when people need such a service. And a classic way to do this is through a special business card.

Now, a lot of people believe that business cards are old-fashioned. But the truth is that they still have a viable place in service-based business marketing. So in this post, you’ll learn about nine things you should have on your power-washing business cards. This will ensure you and your business stand out while making your marketing efforts as effective as possible.

1. Your Business Name

Adding your business name to your pressure-washing business cards may seem like a common-sense addition.

And it is.

Generally speaking, you want your business card design to include your business name in a big, bold print font that’s easy to read and understand.

Some people mistake getting too fancy with this and using a font that isn’t as legible.

And this can make for some confusion — or, at worst, a loss of business.

This vital and critical element helps identify you and set you apart from other large or small businesses offering similar services.

Remember — it’s all about being memorable, creating an impact, and standing out.

2. Your Name and Job Title

As the business owner-operator, you want to add your name and job title to your business card. This doesn’t need to be complicated. It should be simple, plain, concise, and easy to read.

For example, you can say something like:

  • David Smith – Master Pressure Washer
  • John Smith – Owner/Operator of John Smith’s Pressure Washing
  • David Smith – Pressure Washing Equipment Expert

You can get a little bit creative with it. You can slant it to fit your personal style and even input a bit of your personality into how you describe yourself. But including this on your business card is essential for letting people know precisely your business (and your role). This is true of many businesses in the service industry and is especially true of any cleaning services business card design.

House cleaning businesses, landscaping businesses, real estate agents, car wash professionals, graphic designers, etc. Anyone in these businesses will want to clearly state who they are and what they do on their card. You can even say that you specialize in roof cleaning or soft washing.

It’s just an excellent idea to be as specific as possible with your job title — as this can give potential customers a better understanding of which particular corner of the market you service and when to provide you with a call.

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3. A Graphic, Picture, Drawing, Symbol, or Logo

Including a graphic, picture, drawing, symbol, or logo on your pressure washing services business card makes it look professional, memorable, and identifiable.

If you regularly use a specific graphic on your website’s homepage or your business flyers, you can repurpose one of those graphics for your business card.

But if you don’t have a graphic or logo, you should consider hiring a freelancer to create one.
You could use freelancing sites like Upwork or Fiverr to commission such work.

You can end up with a pretty decent graphic or logo for a great price, especially if you shop around and get a deal from the freelancer you hire.

We love freelancers. So as far as we’re concerned, you could even hire freelancers to design your whole business card if you’re not confident in creating it yourself.

Food For Thought: Business card design can be an art form.

Some people are highly talented at that kind of thing.

And sometimes, it pays to pay someone to do what they do best — design a new, awesome business card that’ll represent your business in the best light possible.

Need the inspiration to help you get started? Look at some of these crazy wonderful business card designs on Bored Panda.

4. A Noticeable and Professional Color Scheme

power-washing-business-cards- -

Whether you’re going for a modern look, a straightforward business look, or even a retro look — putting some thought and creative energy into your color scheme is essential. If you’re great with colors, this may come naturally to you.

If you tend to struggle with colors a bit (as some people do), you may want to search for a term like “power washing business cards” to see what other companies are using In their color schemes. This can help you to decide what you like and don’t like and will yield thousands of different power washer cleaning business card templates to draw inspiration from.

Doing this kind of research may even introduce you to colors you wouldn’t have considered before that do a solid job of broadcasting your creative vision of the business.

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5. Contact Information

One of a business card’s most straightforward yet essential functions is to give your potential clients the means and information needed to contact you.

Therefore, including the correct contact information is vital to the successful design of your card.

As far as contact information goes, you’ll want to make sure to include at least the following points of contact:

  • Phone number
  • Primary social media handle (could be LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Email address

6. A Tagline

Including a tagline can give your business card a particular feel and help you stand out as more memorable.

A tagline can also give your potential clients the ability to categorize you and what you do within their minds with more accuracy and clarity.

Generally, a tagline will consist of a one or two-sentence phrase that uniquely and stylistically summarizes your value proposition.

Sometimes, taglines work best when they’re straight and to the point.

“John Smith – Power Washing Specialist- Power washing you can count on.”

But sometimes, they’re written to be funny, clever, or even tongue-in-cheek.

“John Smith – Power Washing Guru – We blast away dirt for a price that won’t hurt.”

Of course, the idea here is to try and weave your personality into your tagline.

Make it original, catchy, creative, and unapologetically you.

7. Your Website

power-washing-business-cards- -

Your website URL is a piece of additional contact information you should always include on your business card.

You don’t want to get fancy or complicated with this.

For example, you don’t need to include the ‘HTTPs’ initially.

In fact, nowadays, you don’t necessarily need to add the ‘www.’ before it either.

Providing a clean, basic website URL will assist your clients in finding your website and learning more about you, your business, and the services you offer.

Here’s how it should look:


Or …


8. A QR Code

QR codes are prevalent and valuable ways for business owners to bring more eyes to their services.

In essence, a QR code will give you the ability to let your clients scan the code with their phone to gain access to additional digital information about your company, brand, goods, services, etc.

Customers can also access information about your prices, your story, how to contact you, customer reviews, special offers, etc. It’s just a whole additional level of depth that you can add to your business card, making it that much more effective.

However, many small business owners who aren’t necessarily ‘tech-savvy’ have yet to incorporate them into their traditional marketing materials.

And for a good reason.

They can be a hassle to figure out.

We are, however, huge fans of putting your QR code on your business card.

A significant challenge you may face is that you don’t usually have room for the QR code on the front of the card.

This is especially true if your card contains a graphic, image, or logo.

Therefore, placing it on the back of the card is probably your best bet.

Unsure how to make your QR code? Then read this brief and easy-to-follow guide by HubSpot.

9. A Beautiful Glossy Finish

Here’s the thing about business cards.

They’re a little bit old-fashioned.

They’ve been around for a long time.

And in the current modern digital business world, they can sometimes seem like an afterthought.

Often, businesses don’t think of their business card as vital as, say, a social media page or a call to action on their website.

However, they’re still an incredibly important marketing tool in a locally based service-oriented industry like the power washing business.

The right type can help you on your journey to gain more clients and make your business plan more successful.

But to maximize the benefits of using business cards, you want to ensure that your card looks (and feels) as professional as possible.

And one often overlooked aspect of a professional business card design includes the finish.

Professional business cards can come with two types of finishes.

They can have a matte finish or a glossy finish.

Now, purely stylistically, there may be a case to be made for using a matte finish in some situations.

From a style/utilitarian perspective, it’s also important to note that a beautiful glossy finish will make your card stand out as being more professional. It can also make it more durable and resistant to damage.

For example:

A good, high-quality, glossy finish will be more resistant to moisture than a matte finish.

(Not a bad perk if you shoot high-pressure water at dirty stuff all day as a business model, right?)

A glossy finish will also give the card a bit more rigidity. And that can help it stand up to life inside of a purse or wallet.

Note: We’re pretty keen on that glossy finish. But we’re also keen on experimenting with different business card shapes and designs.

If you need some ideas for really out-of-the-box business card designs that’ll truly succeed at getting your customers’ attention, check out this collection of unique business card ideas from visme.com.

Some of those card ideas are genuinely breathtaking and ingenious.


These nine things to include on your next batch of power washing business cards will maximize your cleaning company marketing success.

We may be a little biased — but we love small business owners, freelancers, and gig workers. And this absolutely includes power washer professionals.

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Hopefully, this post has been helpful.

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