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Save your members money on RX drugs. Promote association business. Get rewarded.


Nearly 70% of all members can benefit from an RX savings card due to high deductible health plans, high copays, insufficient coverage plans, and fewer drugs covered.


RX savings cards work! Save your members up to 80% off prescription drugs and beat average copay prices.


A free RX savings program can provide significant non-dues revenue. Earn compensation every time members save money using your Clever RX card or Clever RX Mobile App.

Why You Should Care?

70 %

Over 70% of people ages 18-64 can benefit from a prescription savings card due to increasing costs of high deductible health plans, high copays, and being underinsured or uninsured.

40 %

40% of the top ten most prescribed drugs have increased in price by over 100%, while prescription benefits are rapidly decreasing.


The average family of four gets over 30 prescriptions per year. Many of those prescriptions are either not covered or are too expensive on their health plans.


Most of your members are already using an RX savings card - you're just not getting credit for it.

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