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What is the Alliance of Gig Workers? 9 Reasons You Want to Know

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Discounts offered by the Alliance of Gig Workers

An increasing number of Americans work independently. These independent workers go by many names; gig workers, freelance, self-employed, side hustlers, or independent contractors.

The pandemic only pushed more Americans into the gig economy due to the lack of traditional employment.

These brave individuals have carved out a means to earn a living without having an official employer.

However, they are facing the challenge of figuring out how to fill the gap in benefits they left behind from their former employers.

The Alliance of Gig Workers is a group that wants to spearhead the solution to this challenge and share it with all who need it.


What Is the Alliance of Gig Workers?


The Alliance of Gig Workers is an organization that aims to advocate for gig economy workers nationwide.

This group also provides access to benefits, protections, and resources otherwise not provided for its members by gig companies.

They are continually striving to improve the benefits and worker protection they offer.


What It Is Not


While the Alliance of Gig Workers aims to find benefits that improve the working conditions of gig workers, it is important for members to understand that they are simply an association.

They are not a health insurance company; they do not provide a product or service. Instead, they simply use strength in numbers as an alliance to gain discounts and access to resources that one worker wouldn’t be able to get.




When you sign up to become a member of this organization, you can choose between two membership levels.


Basic Plus


This membership option is the cheapest but has limited benefits. These benefits include:

  • Abenity
  • Safelite Auto Glass
  • Office Depot
  • Car Rental Discounts
  • Hotel and Motel Discounts


Premium Membership


The premium membership costs a little more, but it comes with everything in the basic package and so much more. You can also choose an individual membership or benefits access for the whole family. The premium option is probably the best bet if you’re looking for a membership that can offer additional peace of mind.

What are some of these extra benefits? Let’s take a deeper dive into what comes with being a premium member of the Alliance of Gig Workers.

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Benefits of Becoming a Premium Member of the Alliance of Gig Workers


To make their membership worthwhile, this association has scoured available benefits and contacted the companies that provide these services to negotiate the best discounts for their members.

While this process never stops, here are the current benefits that the Alliance of Gig Workers is offering:


1. Health Services


Doctor stethascope

One of the main benefits that Americans hope to get from their employer is a good health insurance plan. Unfortunately, as a gig worker, you don’t have that option, and healthcare is not getting any cheaper.

This is why the Alliance of Gig Workers has done its best to find the most comprehensive suite of health services to offer its members.


Teledoc Health


Would you like to get a doctor’s consultation 24/7 via phone, app, or internet? Well, with Teledoc, you can.

When you have a minor non-emergency health issue but need a professional diagnosis to be sure, you don’t have to spend your morning or afternoon at the doctor’s office.

One quick virtual visit can help you decipher between a heat rash and chickenpox. You’ll receive a treatment plan, a prescription, and peace of mind.

Let’s be honest; if you let Google diagnose you, you just might wonder how much longer you have left to live.

Those with a membership to Selfgood get unlimited access to this service with no copay or fee.


Virtual Mental Health


Teledoc also offers virtual mental health sessions; Selfgood has made that one of their membership benefits.

With the stress we face every day, sometimes we need to talk to someone. However, when those pressures become heavier than expected, it’s always wise to seek professional help.

As a premium member of the Alliance of Gig Workers, you can take advantage of a consultation with a psychiatrist or counselor at a discounted rate.


Clever Rx


One of the biggest pitfalls of traditional health insurance plans is their severe lack of prescription coverage.

Clever RX is a great way to save money on prescription drugs.

You can use the Clever RX app to find the best price for your prescription from drugstores in your area, then show them your Clever RX card and get up to 80% off the regular price.

How easy is that? Just another great benefit of membership with Selfgood.


Karis Healthcare Navigator


Karis Healthcare Navigator is a patient advocacy service that helps you find the best care for the best price.

This service is part of the Selfgood membership and is automatic for members. Simply speak to one of the patient advocates, and you’ll find the best deal for you.


Karis Healthcare Bill Negotiator


Along with helping you find the best price, Karis can also help to negotiate the cost of your next doctor’s visit with a unique approach, even finding financial aid if available.

This service saves members an average of 40-70% off their out-of-pocket medical fees.


Prioritize Wellness


When you are a one-person show, it can be hard to remember to prioritize your health. When do you have the time?

Prioritize Wellness is a program that aims to provide its members with all the resources and tools they need to live their healthiest life.

This service includes meal plans, fitness videos, access to a certified nutritionist, and so many discounts on wellness-related products.

The best part is, you guessed it, your premium membership of the Alliance of Gig Workers already includes this service.


Figo Pet Insurance


Are you an animal lover? Do you have a furry friend or two at home? No doubt, their health is also a priority for you.

Unfortunately, veterinarian bills are also extremely high.

Figo Pet Insurance helps you to be able to afford to give your four-legged friend the best care possible, and your Selfgood membership provides this service at a 10% discount.


Aetna Dental


Aetna is a discount dental program that provides all your routine dental services at a fraction of the cost.

Keep your teeth healthy and clean with this wonderful addition to your Selfgood membership that saves you up to 50% on cleanings, x-rays, fillings, root canals, and crowns.




If you are worried about your hearing and being able to afford hearing aids, your Selfgood membership can help.

With TruHearing, you get a full hearing exam for under $50 and 30-60% off hearing aid products.

Even with a whopping discount, hearing aids are still a pretty penny. Luckily, you can take advantage of the various financing options extended by TruHearing.


Vision Discounts


Good eye health is essential, too, and your Selfgood membership will help you take care of it.

In fact, you get to choose between two different discount plans for your vision needs:


Coast to Coast Vision


This membership provides discounts to their network of over 20,000 providers nationwide. You can save on eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and even LASIK surgery.


VSP Vision


With your Selfgood membership, you save $10 off the regular price of this vision discount club.

Learn more about self-employed insurance here.


2. Consumer Services


The Alliance of Gig Workers went even further by finding ways for its members to save money on their everyday purchases.

Gig workers often don’t have a guaranteed income, so they need to be smart with their money. The Alliance wants to help by providing these benefits with their membership:




Abenity is an everyday savings benefit membership that provides private discounts on services and products you use regularly.

You can save on things like going to the movies, getting gas, eating out, and going to the gym.

You’ll have exclusive access to thousands of coupons and giveaways as well.

Once you become a member, you’ll be surprised by the vast amount of ways this membership can save you money.




If you have an iPhone, this app can help you get cash back on purchases you make every day.

You can also play trivia to earn instant prizes. This app makes saving money fun!


Safelite Autoglass Discounts


It really sucks when a rock hits your windshield, but it sucks a lot less when you can save $20 on a rock chip repair from Safelite Autoglass.

Your basic and premium Alliance of Gig Workers membership includes this discount.


3. Business Services


Whether you consider yourself an independent contractor, side hustler, or gig worker, you’re basically running your own mini business.

The Alliance of Gig Workers acknowledges that by adding some helpful business services and discounts for their members.

These include:


Office Depot


Save up to 80% off certain products from Office Depot just by being a member.


Lenovo Discounts


Lenovo is one of the leading brands for printers, laptops, and other electronics for business. Your Alliance membership saves you up to 30% off their products.


UPS Discount


As a business owner, gig worker, or freelancer, there will come a time when you will need to ship things for business.

Your membership to the Alliance of Gig Workers provides a discounted rate for UPS Express Delivery Services.




If you have hefty student loans that are costing you a sizable monthly payment, you’ll appreciate this student loan relief benefit included in your membership.


EPOQ LawAssure


With EPOQ, you can create legal documents without paying a lawyer. Think of the money you are saving!

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4. Travel Services


Airplane flying in the clouds

Yet another great benefit that members of this organization get to take advantage of, whether for work or pleasure, is travel discounts.

Members gain exclusive access to great discounts from some of the top travel companies for work-related travel or vacationing on your time off:


Hotel Engine


This private hotel booking platform can help you find the best hotels at the right price, all while taking the headache out of the process.

No more worrying about reaching your destination only to be greeted by a subpar room with an uncomfortable bed and noisy neighbors.

Hotel Engine only partners with the best hotels and weeds out those that just won’t do for a professional like you.

Access to this service is complimentary with your paid premium membership.


Avis Car Rental Discounts


Your membership comes with a 25% discount off rentals, free upgrades, a free weekend day, and much more.


Budget Car Rental Discounts


If you prefer Budget car rentals, you can get the same perks from this company.

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Additional Benefits of the Gig Workers Alliance


Along with the above monetary benefits, additional benefits come with membership in the Alliance of Gig Workers, which can make a lone wolf feel like a part of something bigger.


5. Resources


Along with all the money-saving perks of being a member of this wonderful organization, you also gain access to so many helpful resources.




With your membership, you can log into the online library and toolbox created to help you navigate your finances successfully.

Your membership also comes with access to a Certified Financial Counselor by phone,


Gig Worker Tips and News


The Selfgood blog shares all the useful information possible to help every kind of gig worker out there.

The Alliance of Gig Workers also sends newsletters and emails to inform you of happenings or developments in the independent working world.


6. Customizable


Your membership is customizable. You get to pick and choose the benefits you want.

Just because the Alliance of Gig Workers has negotiated a deal on a membership perk doesn’t mean you are obligated to opt-in.

Then again, feel free to take advantage of all the savings your membership provides.


7. Insurance Marketplace


Along with the health, business, travel, and consumer services that your membership comes with, you also gain access to an insurance marketplace with great prices on a variety of insurances.

These include:

This marketplace is always growing, so check back often to find the latest deal.


8. Sense of Community


Freelancing can feel lonely. Finally, with the Alliance backing you up, you can feel like you have someone on your team.


9. Customer Service


The Alliance of Gig Workers is not just a membership with no voice. There are real people behind the scenes who genuinely care and want to help.

The office is open from 8:30 am-4:30 pm CST, Monday through Friday. You can get in touch by calling toll-free at 833-668-0031.

Helpful agents are there to answer any questions or help you navigate any benefits they offer.


Who Can Join?


Small business owners, freelancers, independent contractors, gig workers, and side hustlers are all eligible to join the Alliance of Gig Workers.

Rideshare drivers for companies like Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Postmates, and Instacart are also on the list.

Basically, anyone unprotected by corporate benefits can gain peace of mind by becoming a member.

Think of the Alliance of Gig Workers as the gig workers’ trusted companion, loyal supporter, or rich friend with all the hookups.

It’s an exclusive club of freewheelers, a league of self-reliance, a coalition of autonomy, a crew of self-sufficiency, a union of individualism, and comradeship of making it on your own. You get the idea.

Even those with the courage to carve an income outside the normal parameters should feel like a part of a bigger movement.

What gig worker wouldn’t appreciate a way to save money and energy in acquiring health, business, consumer, and travel services?

Keep more of your hard-earned income and become a member today!

Protect yourself and your business by joining Selfgood today. You’ll have access to health and wellness benefits and everyday discounts on top of professional financial and legal services.