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Find the Best Independent Healthcare Insurance Plans for You and Your Family

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Choosing the right health insurance plan for self-employed individuals and families can be daunting. You can tailor your policy to meet all your needs with the correct guidance. In this article, we will show how Selfgood’s ACA Marketplace offers several options for supplementary coverage, like Hospital Shield.

At Selfgood, we explain the details of deductibles, premiums, and extra benefits such as telehealth programs or wellness services. We provide the knowledge you need to make effective decisions regarding independent health insurance plans for yourself and your family.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore various health insurance options available for the self-employed, such as Selfgood.com’s ACA Marketplace and supplemental plans like Hospital Shield.

  • Consider factors such as deductibles, premiums, and optional benefits when customizing a health plan to achieve an optimal balance of coverage and cost.

  • Utilize telehealth services, virtual care resources, wellness programs & discounts to maintain a healthy lifestyle while saving on healthcare costs.

Exploring Independent Healthcare Insurance Plans for the Self-Employed

Exploring Health Insurance Options for the Self-Employed

As a self-employed person, you must understand the various independent health insurance plans available. Many options exist, from family plans with low premiums to those with higher monthly payments but lower out-of-pocket costs for accessing healthcare services. Now, we’ll explore platforms like Selfgood’s ACA Marketplace and Supplemental Health Insurance like Hospital Shield. Then, we’ll discuss how to leave an employer’s plan and avail of COBRA coverage benefits. With correct knowledge of the resources, you should be able to search through these choices easily and find the best cover for your unique situation without worry or hassle.

Selfgood.com’s ACA Marketplace

At Selfgood.com, individuals and families can use the open enrollment period to shop for health insurance plans in an ACA marketplace that provides compliant coverage. This great benefit allows you access to similar offerings from employer-sponsored programs without sacrificing essential benefits such as financial aid or specific levels of protection like Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages.

To apply for these premium plans available on our website, selfgood.com, follow the guided steps to find one that fits your needs best! Visit us today so we may help you secure peace of mind through healthcare coverage designed specifically around protecting yourself and your family’s well-being during this time of uncertainty.

Supplemental Health Insurance: Hospital Shield

Health insurance plans like Hospital Shield supplement high deductible ACA plans. They provide additional coverage and peace of mind during unanticipated medical expenses. These plans cover a broad range of services related to hospital stays, such as room and board, medication, and rehabilitation costs. To benefit from this health protection service, you only need to access Selfgood’s website for details on the application procedure to set up your desired plan with all its associated benefits.

Leaving an Employer’s Health Plan

Switching from an employer’s health plan to a private insurance program requires careful evaluation. Talking with your HR team to understand what choices are available and how much time you have until coverage ends is recommended. Exploring other forms of protection, such as individual health plans and government programs, including COBRA or Medicaid, should not be overlooked.

At Selfgood, we can help guide this transition by providing helpful resources on attaining Medicare while self-employed. We also offer information for purchasing plans through the Healthcare Marketplace and details about additional coverage solutions. We’ll cover gaps between what you’re experiencing with your existing insurer’s policy and new options for healthcare services from another provider.

Plan thoroughly by assessing specific medical requirements. Compare premiums among accessible policies. Then, gain a firm understanding of any openings in old and new policies during transitionary phases. That understanding is essential when maneuvering away from former insurers as you make new arrangements.

COBRA Coverage

For private sector businesses with 20 or more employees, COBRA coverage provides a way to keep one’s group health insurance plan after ending employment. This continuity of benefits and the same level of protection usually spans up to 18 months from notification letter receipt if the selection process is completed within 60 days. An individual may expect around $417 monthly premiums for their policy. Family plans usually hit around $1,564 per month in charges for this type of medical insurance.

Customizing Your Healthcare Insurance Plans for You and Your Family

Customizing Your Health Insurance Plan

Customizing a health insurance plan that meets your and your family’s needs is key in ensuring it provides the perfect coverage and affordability. We will explore how to pick premiums, deductibles, and optional benefits wisely. So you can personalize an optimal healthcare policy. Understanding the connection between premiums/deductibles and what happens when additional benefits are added helps ensure knowledgeable decisions while creating personalized health insurance coverage for you and your loved ones.

Choosing the Right Deductible and Premiums

Regarding health insurance, selecting the right plan balance between premiums and deductibles requires mindful consideration. Your healthcare needs, financial situation, and risk tolerance should be considered. In general, plans with high coverage come with higher premium rates. With lower coverage, you have more significant deductibles. So, you must pay out of pocket for your costs to start being covered by the insurer.

If frequent medical expenses are expected or extra coverage is preferred, you may need to consider a more expensive option. If overall healthiness prevails and only a few expenses can appear in mind, opting for something cheaper, which means paying for yourself before getting help, may save some budgeting money down the line depending solely upon each individual’s circumstances when making this choice.

Adding Optional Benefits

When it comes to health insurance, you have the option of incorporating additional benefits into your plan. This will allow personalized coverage that best meets your healthcare needs and preferences. These supplemental offerings may include dental insurance, vision care, life and disability protection, or retirement savings plans, giving you more control over the most appropriate coverage.

Adding these optional services often increases the cost of an already established base premium on a given policy. So, carefully weigh all the pros and cons when deciding whether this enhancement would benefit overall personal health expenditure. In any case, explore the options available through insurers. You can ensure an optimal balance between necessary-level medical coverage and economical solutions tailored to your unique situation!

Accessing Healthcare Resources and Support -Healthcare Insurance Plans for You and Your Family

Accessing Healthcare Resources and Support Telehealth Insurance

The proper health insurance plan is critical for good healthcare management and well-being. That said, you should be aware of all the resources and services available that can aid you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. You’re likely also looking for significant savings when paying for medical expenses. These offerings include telehealth and virtual care options. 

We can take advantage of this knowledge by utilizing telehealth and virtual care, which provides ease and convenience regarding access. Plus, there’s always an opportunity to tap into certain perks through engaging with particular programs such as exclusive offers or discounts related to health matters, something worth looking into to reduce cost expenditure while simultaneously optimizing long-term positive outcomes.

Telehealth and Virtual Care

Health services and resources are conveniently available to self-employed individuals through telehealth or virtual care. These tools offer cost savings, access to medical professionals, improved communication between providers and patients, and an increased ability to diagnose chronic health issues.

MDLIVE, Eden Health, and Sana Benefits are just a few different healthcare programs that provide enhanced support for those who need it most. Telehealth gives everyone easy access without having them leave their home to receive professional assistance, making this vital aspect of life more convenient than ever!

Wellness Programs and Discounts

Wellness programs and discounts provide resources and support for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These services can help individuals create sustainable healthy habits with access to savings on health products and activities such as sports lessons or skiing expeditions. Popular wellness programs tailored for self-employed people are WellSteps and Humana’s Go365.

These programs offer corporate fitness subsidies, gym reimbursements, or yoga classes. They also allow participants to consult a professional regarding their mental well-being and feature special weeks dedicated to this topic. Participating in these plans and taking advantage of existing discounted prices allows one to look after themselves while managing healthcare expenses simultaneously.


Self-employed individuals and their families have an array of health insurance options at their disposal, such as the ACA Marketplace provided by Selfgood.com, and supplemental coverage like Hospital Shield and COBRA plans. To get the best out of your insurance plan, make sure you adjust it to fit in with your deductibles, premiums, or any additional benefits that come along with it. You can access healthcare resources via telehealth services, virtual care, and wellness programs for extra support.

When considering all these factors, including those related to your family members, choose a fitting medical coverage option! Create a personalized health cover scheme. So you and your loved ones receive the necessary protection they require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is independent health only in New York?

Independent Health, a provider of health and insurance products based in Buffalo, New York, has been offering services since 1980. Although initially only available to those living in Western New York State, it now provides its offerings across 35 states. So, it’s a regional and nationwide service for all healthcare needs.

What is an independent healthcare professional?

An Independent Physician is a healthcare professional who owns most of their practice. They can make key decisions, providing care to patients independently in their private practice.

How much is health insurance a month for a single person in US?

Health insurance can be costly, with the average cost of a plan on the health insurance marketplace. Subsidies are around $477 per month for an individual. For employer-sponsored coverage, this monthly amount is lower at approximately $117. Those obtaining their healthcare through Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans without subsidies are looking at paying about $438 monthly.

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We hope you found our article on choosing the right health insurance plan for self-employed individuals and families helpful. Navigating the world of health insurance can be daunting, but Selfgood’s ACA Marketplace is here to simplify the process. You can find the supplementary coverage that best suits your needs with options like Hospital Shield. Don’t let the complexity of health insurance deter you from protecting yourself and your loved ones. Selfgood is dedicated to providing accessible and comprehensive coverage for all. Visit Selfgood.com to explore the options available to you and secure peace of mind for your health.